Friday, April 30, 2010

Rescued from the dumpster update #2

I've been super busy here and April almost slipped away before I was able to post the after shots of my first chair project.  Here it is finished in a natural eco-linen...

For this chair I chose a natural linen from Pindler & Pindler that is sustainably manufactured and has been certified eco-friendly. It is extremely soft to the touch and feels super cozy... like a favorite sweater.

I've had several people inquire lately about reupholstering their existing pieces, so I thought I would do a quick post on the advantages and disadvantages.  First, let me say that I am a HUGE fan of re-using.  I love the idea not just from an environmental perspective, but because it is those unique pieces with a story that help define a space.  Homes should be a reflection of the people who live in them, expressing their personality and style.  So if you have a piece that you LOVE, by all means try to re-use it, whether it has sentimental value or it just has a great feel.  However, be warned that if the main reason you are thinking about reupholstering a piece is to save money you may be disappointed.  By the time you purchase fabric and pay for the labor, you could often buy new.     

Here are some questions to ask when considering reupholstering a piece.
  • Is the original furniture piece of exceptional quality or value?  
  • Does it have sentimental value?  
  • Is it a unique shape, style, or size that is hard to find?
  • Is it super comfortable?  
If you answered yes to any of the above than it might be worth investing in having it reupholstered.

If you decide that it is a piece worth reupholstering the next step will be to choose a fabric and decide on the details such as tufting, welts, buttons, pillows, type of fill for the cushions, and determine if the frame will need to be touched up or re-finished.   Both the fabric selection and treatment of details can dramatically change the look of the finished piece.  You can tie pieces of different styles together with complimentary patterns or give a traditional frame a contemporary look.  

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  1. Super cute my friend.. did you do it yourself this time?