Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rescued form the dumpster update

I opened the mail today and flipped through the latest Anthropologie catalog and came across this photo which triggered me to post an update on my re-purposed chair project.

image from Anthropologie

As this is my next chair...

I've been using this fun chair in my office since picking it up at the Santa Monica flea market in January.  As you can see the original seat has several large rips in it.  I love the retro style of the chair but in addition to needing to be recovered, the foam cushion is officially kaput... and no amount of yoga can make up for endless hours spent everyday in an uncomfortable chair.

In staying true to the spirit of the project, after replacing the foam seat,  I am going to re-upholster this chair using one of the re-purposed vintage linen grain sacks that I have left in stock.

Stay tuned for the after photos!

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