Monday, April 26, 2010

Ahhh... Mexico

I've been home now for a week and today especially, I am missing the relaxed pace, vibrant colors, and empty beaches of Baja.  We made a trip back down to our favorite little town, Todos Santos, for a few days of relaxation.  However our real reason for the trip was to try to decide what to do with the property we have there just outside of town.  We hadn't been down for a few years, after returning from France time has slipped by, and we had heard and read (thanks New York Times and all of you who forwarded me the latest article) that there has been a good deal of new development around Todos Santos.  Maybe the silver lining to the economic slowdown is that the pace of development in Todos Santos appears to have slowed from the breakneck speed of the previous few years and the town has managed to hold onto the dusty charm that made it so attractive to us in the first place. 


We are thinking of moving forward and building a little getaway so now comes the fun part... 

Do we stay true to the town's Spanish Colonial architecture...

images via Veranda

Or do something a little more contemporary...

images via Mikkel Vang.  
Thank you to Greige for introducing me to his photography

Or think minimalist...


  1. I like the house that is in Columbia... it is such a wonderful contrast!! That is my vote...

    Miss you!

  2. I know, I love it too! I think we are leaning toward building out of brick. It will keep the inside much cooler, they are made locally, and are part of the region's vernacular architecture. I also like the contrast between the exposed brick and the white plaster. Wouldn't a pool like that be heaven, you would never be able to get me out!!